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How do I order?

First, we recommend you look over our cake and dessert pages to get a rough idea of what we offer and how much it costs.

Then go to the "Order" tab and fill out the form.

You can also call or email us!


We have a $150 order minimum as we make everything custom to order for every client.

How do I pay?

We will email you a payable invoice once all the details have been agreed upon.  Then you can pay with Paypal, venmo, cards! Before paying please be sure to read the "Terms & Conditions" and the "Pickup & Delivery Liability Waiver".

Do you make square or fondant cakes?

Simply put, no.  Though we are happy to add fondant or gum paste details to your cake , we are buttercream artists, and we do not cover our cakes entirely in fondant.  We can however achieve the look your going for with buttercream.


We ROCK round cakes, and do not typically make tiered square cakes but are happy to incorporate squares or rectangles into single tiered cakes and cakes with square elements. All Artists have their specialties even Cake Artists!

Do you require a retainer?

YES. We require a 50% retainer to hold your event date. Unless the event is less then two weeks away, in which case the total amount would be due to hold the event date. This is a retainer not a deposit and is non-fundable. In most cases, with proper notice, this can be put towards a future order if future event date is available. If you would like more information about cancelations or event rescheduling please contact us.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We deliver anywhere you may need us.

The SLC valley area $35

Park city, Layton, Orem $65-$75

Other cities, canyons, backroads $100

Out of state $65 hourly

Do you offer Tastings?

Yes! We offer a tasting consultation for TWO which includes 3 cake flavors, 3 buttercream's and two fillings. They typically lasts 45 minutes, and we will discuss your cake or table design and choose flavors.

To avoid the distractions of the cake studio, we meet our clients at a local coffee shop or their homes.

The cost is $50

Monthly Cupcake Tastings

Scheduled pickup tasting boxes with SIX flavors for $15

Terms and Conditions

50% NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER IS DUE TO HOLD EVENT DATE. If retainer is not paid your event will not be booked, we work on a first paid first booked basis. The remaining balance is due at least one month prior to event date. If you are booking an event less then one month prior to the event date the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE to book.

By paying this invoice you agree to the terms and conditions: Any changes must be discussed and approved two weeks prior to event date. Cancellations one month or more prior to event will receive a credit for an order on a another date Something Frosted has available (within 365 days of original date). Cancellations less then one month prior to event date are at the discretion of Something Frosted. If for some reason Something Frosted is unable to complete your order (family emergency or illness), they will refund you or find a suitable bakery replacement both the client and Something Frosted approve of.



Pick-up and Delivery Liability Waiver

Upon either pickup of items or placement of the products/cake in the requested location. The Client/Customer assumes all liability of product(s) safety and esthetic, SOMETHING FROSTED is no longer responsible for the cake (or other items). Any unlevel surfaces in their vehicle or event venue are the responsibility of the Client/Customer, as are the weather conditions. Products/cakes can be heavier then they appear, if delivered, we do not recommend moving them once set up. All icings are susceptible to heat and/or moisture, and should the weather be such that icing(s) on the cake cannot withstand the conditions in which the cake is placed are not the responsibility of SOMETHING FROSTED. All product(s) should be kept in a cool dry place until event starts, we do not advise leaving product(s) out at room temp for longer than 4 hours. Cakes contain food safe internal structures to support the cake tiers, such as straws and dowels. We recommend removing these structures before cutting cake. Cake servings are based on our cutting guide, and cake may not yield all servings if cut differently then recommended. By signing this you are approving the condition and appearance of the product(s) at the time of pickup or drop off.

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